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Suzhou NewHongJi Precision Part Co., Ltd was founded in scenery SIP in 1992, has accumulated over 20 years’ experience in the production of optical tube and the structure pieces; has a strong engineering and machinery manufacturing capacity, strong technical force, complete detection means. NewHongji has leadership position in the manufacturing capacity of thin-walled and easily deformed parts in business.

We NewHongji produce different kinds of customized precision parts, mainly in medical, optics and common industry field, including but not limit to  Medical blood analysis components, Microscope parts and components and Non-contact medical device parts; Optical infrared detection parts, Chromatographic components, RPTV lens, DLP lens, optical measuring lens, microscopic optics lens as well as supplementary precision machinery parts;common industry semiconductor; Industrial pump body parts, he high-end industrial regulators and other components.

NHJ has advocated and adhere to the principle of High Mix, Low Volume since foundation of the company, providing overall manufacturing program of precision parts to customer as business philosophy; innovation and efficient as business purpose. The company has founded internal R&D center at beginning of 2010 and got ISO9001, NHJ also take close cooperation with institutions. The company is constructing a “push-pull” supply chain through its own technological advantages and financial strength, is committed to building a company-centric, covering upstream suppliers to end-user information flow, logistics and capital flow and other aspects, and ultimately all the parties involved in the formation of the company as the center of the interdependence, and jointly reduce costs, increase profits and achieve win-win situation.

The company advocates the principles of quality and service first, customer first, common development and is willing to cooperate sincerely with you, hand in hand!